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 Evans application

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PostSubject: Evans application   Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:04 pm

Name: Evan
Age: 14
E-mail: glowy2233@gmail
Position you want (Columnist/Sub-Editor): Columnist
Essay on Why You're Qualified: I believe I'm qualified because of just how much I write. I return almost every day and would love to help do it for a paper like this.

Example of Your Work: my figment page, it's all rough, but you get the idea. it wont let me post the link though (an example of something i can help you with your forums Razz )
Additional Comments: I'm, also insanely good with forums (no joke i use them a ton for a lot of different things) and could really help you guys out with anything you need. thanks! (also yeah i know sucky essay Razz )
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Evans application
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