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 Marlin, Columnist

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Dedicated Staff

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PostSubject: Marlin, Columnist   Marlin, Columnist EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 4:48 am

Hi everyone! I know I've abandoned the Post completely during the past few months, but now that I discovered (on Twitter) that the Post is back, I'd really love to write for and with you guys again. I don't expect special treatment just because I have been a former staff member, so I'm applying like everybody else. Here goes...

Name: Marlin Meadows
Age: 19
Position you want (Columnist/Sub-Editor): Columnist
Essay on Why You're Qualified: I feel that I'm qualified because for one, I love writing, and secondly, I love the English language. I'm both a self-taught writer and a more or less self-taught English speaker, although school did contribute to the latter. While I might not know a lot about the theory of writing, I've gathered knowledge about it through my own experiences, especially when it comes to writing, and failing to write, novels. What is more, I think I'd bring a unique and different view of the English language to the Post, since I'm not a native speaker.
Example of Your Work: See previous articles (Is Figment a popularity contest? Staying motivated...)
Additional Comments: I'd really love to work with you all again!
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Marlin, Columnist
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