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 Columnist Application

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Columnist Application Empty
PostSubject: Columnist Application   Columnist Application EmptySun Jul 03, 2011 9:53 am

Columnists need to be able to write high-quality articles of decent length, to analyze writing and possibly write book reviews.


Copy this application into a new thread with a title like this: (Name), (Position desired) on this Application Desk forum. Please fill out the application thoroughly. If you are applying as a columnist, try to use a piece that reflects your writing abilities.

Quote :

Position you want (Columnist/Sub-Editor):
Essay on Why You're Qualified:
Example of Your Work:
Additional Comments:

Wait for a reply that will indicate the status of your application.

Please Know:

The application review process may take some time. If it has been longer than a week since you have gotten a reply from a staff member however, please post in your application thread.

Your age is irrelevant to our final decision, we simply like to know the age of our staff. Your application will be accepted or rejected based on the quality of writing your application shows.

When you apply, you will begin as a Trial Columnist. At the point that we feel you have shown us your ability, we will decide to either promote you to Columnist, or let you go.

If you get promoted from a trial member, and do an exceptional job in being consistently available and producing quality work for the Post, you may be promoted to Dedicated Staff.

When you apply, all writing that you submit to the Post is the property of the Post. You may not post it anywhere else without our Editor's permission.
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Columnist Application
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